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Fortnite’s YouTube Stats Are Seriously Impressive

Fortnite is one of the most talked about and played games on the planet right now, and this popularity has of course extended to where people watch gaming footage: YouTube.

The Google-owned video streaming giant has released some statistics on the battle royale's game YouTube popularity--and they are seriously impressive. For instance, in January 2018, Fortnite had more video uploads related to a video game than anything else. The game also set a record for most gaming videos uploaded in a single month (February 2018), while a streamer hit 1.1 million concurrent viewers playing Fortnite earlier this month. You can see all the big stats below.

Fortnite YouTube Stats:

Fortnite had the most global uploads related to a video game in January 2018
Fortnite holds the #2 spot when it comes to watchtime related to a video game (as of Feb 2018).
Fortnite holds the record for most videos related to the video game uploaded in a single month (globally, February 2018).
Last weekend over 100 creators joined a massive Battle Royale in Fortnite and broadcast their play, generating over 42M live views combined.
During that event, ElrubiusOMG set the record for biggest single gaming stream from a creator (not an eSports tournament). Streaming from his bedroom, he reached more than 1.1M concurrent viewers

In other news, Fortnite's newest Starter pack is available now. Available for $5, the add-on gets you the Rogue Agent outfit and the Catalyst Back Bling, along with an allotment of 600 V-Bucks to spend on whatever you want.

You can now purchase the Starter pack on all platforms, including mobile (which remains an invite-only test on iOS). Meanwhile, a new weapon is on the way to the game "soon" called the Guided Missile, though we don't know when it's set for release.


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